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ISMAIL IMENGLO TESTEMONAIL Another huge success of the immigration lawyer Eran Ben Ezra-ESQ

Got him out from immigration detention in low bond amount.

Jake another success of attorney Eran Ben Ezra true testimonials we got him his green card

Xavier Edwards testimonials of immigration lawyer Eran Ben Ezra-Esq. We got him his green card.

MR. DAVILMAR Another success STORY Eran Ben Ezra got him is green card where several lawyer failed

Immigration lawyer true client testamonails. Attorney Eran Ben Ezra got him his green card in june 2018. Mr. Davilmar. Went to several immigration lawyers that failed. And we got him out of deportation order. Got him a waiver granted and got him his green card.

Another win of Immigration attorney Eran Ben Ezra. MR JOSEPH PLANCHER GOT OUT FROM KROM IN 10 DAYS

Our office got his deportion terminated and he got out in 10 days.

July 9, 2018

Harley another success of the Immigration Attorney Eran Ben Ezra

Ahmed Naim Another immigration success of attorney Eran Ben Ezra. Just got him his citizenship

Another success Yonatan Sadikov that our immigration lawyer Eran Ben Ezra won his case

Previous lawyer told him no hope. Give up and go back to your country. And the Immigration attorney Eran Ben Ezra-Esq told him non sense and got him out of detention after he was two month detained.

Bilal Ishmael another client the immigration lawyer Eran Ben Ezra got him his green card

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