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Another i-212 and i-601 waiver Attorney Eran Ben Ezra got approved.

Another huge success we got a client that retained us to bring her back after she was deported. We did two waivers for her i-212 and i-601 waiver and marriage case. All 3 were approved in 2009 and she came back legally after deportation. Now she is US citizen!!

I didnt see them for almost 10 years and immediately recognized the husband. So nice to see that we literally change people life.

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Attorney Eran Ben Ezra-Esq

Old client TESTAMONAIL Majdoline B. Got her her citizenship by attorney Eran Ben Ezra-Esq

Another success this morning. Miss Majdoline B, i got her her citizenship approved today. She is an old client from 13 years ago. I got her also her green card many years ago. Today we closed a circle she just got approved. And i am super happy for her.

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Over 15 years experience with almost 100% success rate.
With over 10,000 cases handled in person. And passing the bar exams in the top 10% in the USA in all times.

Sony and Nahomi Casimir just terminated his deportation and got him the green card by Eran Ben Ezra

Another true testimonial by true clients of Top immigration lawyer Eran Ben Ezra

Frank T. Another happy client of attorney Eran Ben Ezra. We got him out in low bond of $3000

Sofien Mlayah Another successful case of attorney Eran Ben Ezra-Esq

Mr Jean another successful 212c waiver and winning deportation case to attorney Eran Ben Ezra-Esq

Mr. Nasser Otman an old client testamoinal of attorney Eran Ben Ezra-Esq

Victoria O. Another huge success story of immigration lawyer Eran Ben Ezra-Esq

Victoria O. Another happy client, that 12 years ago, I got her her green card. And now she is an American citizen.We also, handle her family case. It was so nice to see her. I recognized her immiditaly when I saw her, even though I didn’t see her for many years!! She came to my office 12 years ago crying, with no hope and we were able to get her the green card and change her life and family life. This moments make me proud I choose to be Immigration lawyer!.

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Yours truly
Immigration attorney
Eran Ben Ezra-Esq

Another happy client my Eldorado luis Salas of immigration attorney Eran Ben Ezra-Esq from Miami

Another happy client that we got him his asylum approved 11 years ago. And we got him his green card and now we are getting him his citizenship. We handled thousand of cases with close to 100% success rate. If you need top immigration lawyer call us 305-912-7777 yours truly Attorney Eran Ben Ezra-Esq.

Another success story Briana. S. Our immigration lawyer Eran Ben Ezra-Esq got her EB-1 in 14 days

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